Thursday, March 12, 2009


What I have: I have the plan, the numbers make sense, an incredible strategy, and any investor that decides to help me out will make a killing. This is not just some hopeful idea or some crazy business concept, it is investing into established businesses that have positive monthly cash flow and your investment will be returned in a relatively short amount of time.

What I do not have: The minimum capital for: An office, some computer equipment, legal expenses for contracts, business expenses, and a salary so as to dedicate all of my time to put it together.

What you get: An alternative to investing your hard earned money as real estate and the stock market are less desirable nowadays. This is an investment in purchasing cash generating businesses with positive cash flow, hard assets, and revenues in huge numbers. Open for discussion is what your compensation will be for your investment. Whatever it is, it will be great. I am offering a partnership opportunity; you will own a large percentage of the business or you can simply provide the financing as a loan for a generous return.

What you need: A minimum investment of $50k. This will cover expenses for about 6 months in which time I anticipate, and I have no doubt you will agree, we will be able to raise much more through angel investors, VCs, Banks, and other financing sources. How much more? Well, I am confident that once we have all our ducks lined up that any investor with the means would give us the $15,000,000 in financing we will need to make this deal go through. If you have an interest in more details please send me your contact information and the best times to get back to you to

I am currently running the following ad as well so as to give you an idea of what I am all about and what I am looking to put together…

AVAILABLE NOW!!! Double digit-million dollar revenue generating business for sale or investment. Established companies, high cash flow, multi-million dollars in hard assets, as well as multiple 6-figure employment opportunities with profit sharing and bonuses.

About me… My name is Robert, and I have worked in the “LCT” Industry; The Limousine and Chauffeured Transportation for many of the past twenty years. I have worked in many different types of limousine and car service companies, some of them top of the line, many of then not, but either way, any time I was in the need for a good income, quickly, I found it driving a cab or limo and I often pondered how much money the owners of these companies were making if I always did so good and I know, that, needless to say, I was getting the short end of the stick.

My knowledge of this industry stems from being involved in it in many capacities such as; a customer, driver, dispatcher, sales, management and more. However, more important to the success of any business than just knowing everything about it, are the qualities and experience I possess which I have acquired through my pursuit of being the best man I could be not only for myself but for those around me.

Greatness, success, and leadership are just a few words that come to mind if you hear names such as Napoleon Hill, Ford, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Og Mandino, Myamoto Musashi, Sun Szu, Machiavelli, Edison, Franklin, Lincoln, Kennedy; both Robert and JFK, and Warren Buffet, are, just to name a few, of the people whom I admire and have learned much about and from, and they are the examples of leadership and success I strive to model myself after and add to in both my personal and professional life.


About the business offered for sale and investment…

We are currently in negotiations with over a dozen LCT companies that are up for sale. Our purpose is to roll up these small Mom and Pop operations to create one company that with a properly executed restructuring and management plan, will become one of the largest LCT companies in it’s geographical area, in the state, and eventually, in the country.

At this time, without changing anything at all, the newly formed company would have roughly:
$26,000,000 in annual revenues,
$6,900,000 in annual cash flow,
$578,000+ in positive monthly cash flow,
$4,400,000+ in FFE/hard assets
300+ vehicles
250+ full time employees,
147 part time employees, and established an average of 16 years in the business.

As can be seen by the numbers above, ownership and investment in this venture under the right conditions could prove to be quite lucrative. We are currently seeking financing options to put this deal together. We are in the start up stage and we welcome and will consider any and all offers.

Investors, lenders or individuals interested in owning a percentage of this venture at this time will benefit greatly as we will be offering substantial returns on investment. The capital being sought will be used for salaries, office staff, equipment, as well as legal and business expenses.
Please respond with your contact information and your potential financial level of interest as well as your expected ROI to the following email:


About the employment opportunities available…

We are offering Top Shelf Compensation for Top Shelf Experience. We are accepting resumes for:


and Individuals for a board of advisors with adequate experience for the following areas:

Business Management
Financial Experts (State and Government Programs)
DOT and TLC Experts
Legal Representation (labor, contracts, workers comp, litigation)
Sales and Marketing (Telemarketing, Radio, Television, Internet and Graphic Design)
Accounting and Bookkeeping Human Resources (Recruiting, Benefits, Employee Concerns)
Customer Service Departmental Trainers
Vehicle Operations Manager (Vehicle Maintenance and Operations)
Purchasing and Procurement (Buyer)
Computer (Database, Programs and Modernization)

Please forward your resumes with a cover letter including salary and benefit expectations/requirements to the following email: .

Thank you for taking the time to consider this opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you.